Saturday, 13 August 2016

More of the Same

The media continue to ignore the stories that matter and spend most of their time smearing Trump and anyone who does not conform to the liberal narrative.  There are many battles being fought here.  As I have said before, the issue is the battle between the ideologies of liberalism and conservativism.

There are sub conflicts, like those taking place between the Jewish and Islamic pressure groups.  I for one would wish for our elected officials to represent the interests of the voters, instead of Jewish or Muslim interests, or the corporations.

Is it wrong to want the political elite to represent their people.

Thinking back to my late cousin, I remember when he was the only English person working in his factory.  The workers were Polish.  Even the signs were in Polish, and the production line chatter was in Polish.  The Polish workers quite rightly made sure that their Polish conpatriots got all the new jobs. 

Here is a recent example

In the garages and the small shops the language is Urdu or any one of the many Muslim languages.  Good luck with getting a job if you are not a Muslim.

The BBC spent the week telling us how disadvantaged Muslim women are.  It is of course all the fault of white people.  No mention of female empowerment in the Muslim community.  That is like saying black lives matter, unless when they are killed by another black man.

You can read more here

I would say that anyone who is not a white, heterosexual male is advantaged.  The ethnic minorities and their gay friends are the most advantaged people in society, followed closely by the population of Eastern Europe.

The most disadvantaged group in British society is the white heterosexual male, followed closely by the white heterosexual female.  This is particularly true of people in that category in Britain, the USA, fact everywhere.


It is quite simple.  White people are blamed for everything, given nothing, and forced to watch while the political elite give their birthright away and the disadvantaged baby popping dole scrounging Muslim women tell them how racist they are.

White privilege is when non white people rape and murder white people to the cheers of the media and the political elite.

White genocide is when white people allow it.

Sunday, 7 August 2016


I have had a busy weekend so far, as I had to take Friday off to fit it all in.  So perhaps the reader can forgive me for the delay in my usual post.  I will be taking holiday soon, so there may be an even larger gap.

I have taken a few moments to ponder likes and dislikes, and I find that one of the things I dislike is the posting of articles that are not current.  I always check that any article posted is recent, as there are many out there who tend to post information that is out of date.  I would assume that they do this for sensationalist reasons.  However, any true nationalist knows that there is enough going on to fill the pages of the Internet on a daily basis.

I am correct so far in my assumption that the corporate choice of May as Prime Minister has allowed the usual suspects to continue to do two things to the UK.  The first is the lack of movement on the removal of the UK from the EU, or article 50.  This is continuing to destabilise the financial markets, as we have seen in the recent interest rate cuts, and quantitative easing.  The UK's national debt currently stands at £1.7 trillion.  You can see more here

May has been silent on the subject of attacks on British travellers in and around Calais, and also been silent on the subject of the massive influx of migrants from Europe.  People are pouring into the UK and nothing is being done.  Please remember that this is the former Home Secretary who also did nothing when she was in that post.

You can read more here and here

The media keep the people occupied with talk of fracking compensation and grammar schools.  But have you noticed that our hapless PM and Ruderless the Home Secretary always seem to be considering action, but never implementing action.

In Europe the problem is the same, but the real intentions of the political elite are there for all to see.  These stories spoke volumes, where returning Muslim jihadis were given benefits, and the revaluations that the recent attackers in Europe were all on benefits.

You can read more here and here and here

The political elite will continue to talk even as Europe burns.  But they will never ever carry out the actions required by the people to stop the Islamisation of Europe.  They would rather arrest anyone who speaks the uncomfortable truth.

In Australia the One Nation party has seen success in recent elections.   Trump in the USA, and the President elects of Austria and France await the call. 

The path is clear.  Vote for the same idiots or vote for something new.

Now that I like

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Aid and Comfort to the Enemy

Merkel and the Elephant in the Room

By what stretch of the imagination was it a good idea to invite millions of people from the Middle East into Europe.  The people that have been invited are both illiterate and innumerate in their own language.  Merkel invited them in by breaking the Basic Law.  At no point did she ask the German people their opinion.

IS said that its terrorists were amongst the refugees, and still Merkel allowed them in.  Worse still she was aided and abetted by the leaders of the rest of liberal western Europe.

At no point have they reached the conclusion that they are wrong, that they have invited the Islamic elephant into the European room, and now it is running amok and destroying all the furniture.

In Germany they even threw out their own poor and destitute to accommodate the refugees.  In Belgium they give wounded IS disability benefits.  In France they provide protection to Mosques and Synagogues, but decline to protect the churches.  No I am not making this up.

Liberal Europe is being destroyed by its leaders.  May, who has no intention of triggering BREXIT, Hollande has no intention of stemming the flow of terrorists into France.  The political elite just want the ordinary French people to live with a situation that the political elite have created.

The Libtards warn about the rise of the far right.  That to you and me is anyone who is not a left wing freak.  Yet they themselves have created a situation where the only people that can fix the problems of ordinary Europeans is the far right.  They seem to be the only ones listening to the people.

The German, French, British and Benelux people's are screaming NO, NO, NO and the political elite scream YES, YES, YES.  They are so out of touch with the people that they themselves are blind to the elephant in the room.

There is in war time an offence under law called giving aid and comfort to the enemy.  It is defined as treason.

The question is, are our political elite guilty of treason, or more specifically giving aid and comfort to the enemy.  Obama and Clinton by the US definition are guilty as defined in US statute.  However, what about Merkel, Hollande and of course May?

Merkel is guilty of High Treason as defined by the German Criminal Code, because she by her actions as done a violent attempt against the existence or the constitutional order of the Federal Republic.

It can be argued that by allowing millions of Muslims into Germany and Europe she has aided and abetted the enemy and violently attempted to destroy the constitution and existence of Germany.

This is the same woman who wants to stop British citizens getting employment in Europe!

Hollande by his support of the Islamic colonisation of France is guilty of an offence under Article 411-3 to 411-10 of the French penal code, in that he has collaborated with the enemy.

This is true of all the French elite, who by their actions have proved themselves by legal definition to be traitors to the French people.

Britain is under a different style of law, but in a similar manner we can argue that like Hollande and Merkel, May too can be judged by the statute of treason.

Like the USA there is a clear definition of high treason as giving aid and comfort to the enemy.  It can be argued that May and indeed all the political elite are guilty of high treason. 

So hypothetically we can argue that the people are correct when they say that their leaders are guilty of treason.

Time will tell however, as there are now many ordinary people who wish the hypothetical to become the factual.  Many now would argue the case for putting members of our political elite on trial for treason.

To say such a scenario would be interesting would be an understatement.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

The Media

The Media Narrative

It is getting very silly now, and even the most stupid libtard can hopefully see through the media lies and their narrative.

It is clear that as well as the arrest and detention of anyone in Europe who dares to question the political agenda and warn against the evil of Merkel. The media are being ecconomical with the truth.

Here is a brief guide to media speak

Event                                                What he is                               Reason                    

White guy kills someone                   Racist                                     White Privilege

Black guy kills someone                   Oppressed                              White Privilege

Muslim kills someone                        Misunderstood                      White Privilege

When the Munich attack was taking place the media assumed that it was a right ring extremist and acted accordingly.  Racist, Racist and more Racist was plastered over every channel.

This is common amongst the media, that is left wing in nature, and ignores the crimes of migrants and Muslims.  Yet in Bristol two people who placed bacon on the door handles of a mosque made the front page.

There are glaring examples of this:

In the Nice attack the media blamed the vehicle for the carnage, and refused to show pictures of the dead children.  Worse still, the media colluded with the French government to suppress the truth.

In Germany the recent attack on a German train was again covered up by the German media, with the support of the Federal government.  In fact the Islamic nature of the attack again covers up the fact that Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel and Mohammed Riyad were both Muslims, and remained in place to carry out their acts of violence with the support of the governments of France and Germany.

It still holds true that while not all Muslims are terrorists, all terrorists are Muslim.

Despite the lies of the media and the political elite horse crap is still horse crap because if it looks like horse crap, and smells like horse crap it is horse crap.

Ali Sonboly has two things in common with Mohamed and Mohammed.  He is a Muslim, and he shouted Allahu Akbar as he carried out his murderous actions.

The media blamed mental illness, sexual frustration, heavy goods vehicles, knives and guns in quick succession.

Amazingly they changed Ali's name to Dave, and pretended he was German.  The media even manufactured a link between "Dave" and Breivik, as well as David Irving.  It is worth noting that Mein Kampf remains a popular read amongst Muslims.  I have also read it, together with the Koran and the Bible.

I also forgot to mention bullying, which was the reason the German media gave for the mass murder in Munich.

There are only two people to blame for the attacks in France and Germany.  Hollande and Merkel are guilty, because by their actions, and slavish devotion to Cultural Marxism they have put both their nations in harms way.

No amount of media spin will alter that fact.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Liberal Fascism

What a week, Policemen shot by Obama supported thugs in the USA, the start of the Turkish purge, after the failed Turkish coup.  And of course the Nice attack.

Just as the rape of a little boy in an Austrian swimming pool prompted the Austrian people to rise up against their liberal fascists.  So the Nice attack may prompt the French people to do the same.

The political elite have managed to flood Europe and the USA with the scum of the world.  They have displaced their own poor and destitute, and forced their own populations to pay for it.

Understandably the people of Europe have not taken too kindly to this.  Like their kinfolk across the Atlantic, they are being forced down a path not of their choosing.

In the USA it is obvious, not just to myself, but to many people that the persecution of the South, the banning of the Confederate flag, the attempts by the political elite to disarm the population, and the attacks on the Police are all part of a plan to hand the USA over to Islam.

I have said before that a world government needs a world religion, and that religion, it seems will be Islam.

In Europe this also seems obvious, many Europeans now know the facts to be true by the actions of the political elite.  They have invited two million enemy soldiers into Europe.  If they were refugees it would have been a great and noble thing, but no soldiers they are, as Europe is finding out.

If the political elite were not culpable then their actions would be different.  They would stop the invasion and reverse it.  But no, they have no intention of stopping the invasion.  It transpires that they sought to suppress the rape of German, Austrian and French children.  They down played the crimes of the people they themselves invited.

And now they persecute their own people.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

What a Tangled Web We Weave........

When They Set Out to Deceive

It has come to this, the end game of the great social experiment that was called political correctness.  Except political correctness comes from Cultural Marxism, and that in itself was formulated from the devious minds of the Frankfurt School.

History tells us that only 10% of the population moves the other 90%.  It was as true in a beer hall, as it was in a railway carriage.  The principle that a few great men can change the history of the world.

If 1% control the world then that leaves 4.5% on either side to fight over it.  Except that for the first time in living memory the world is starting to see through the charade which is democracy.  They are beginning to understand that the 4.5% that hold power do so with the support of the corporations and banks.  They hold power with the support of the media and the special interest groups.

This is why in the world, regardless of race, colour or creed peasants are starting to awaken and vote. 

Except that the usual suspects in the media will not allow them to vote.  Sheer madness.  Revolution need not be bloody, it is simply a turning of the wheel.  Except that the global, multicultural agenda has been discredited, the concept of the new world order has been debunked.  They may attempt to make us into mud people, and import Islam (the world Islamic Ummah) into the west to complete their conquest.  But overall corrupt and greedy men are beginning to panic.

In Britain they are attempting to betray the leave vote and place May in power.  Corbyn and Leadsom are attempts to return power to the people, regardless of their political persuasion.  In the USA, Sanders and Trump are also a result of people power.  May, Clinton, Merkel and Fischer in Austria are all members of the new world order and slaves to the failed globalist agenda.

The moment the political elite of the west accepted millions of Muslims into their lands they betrayed their people.  They even gave social housing away to support strangers, medical care, education.  All was taken from those who had earned it and placed at the disposal of those who have no right to it.

And what do these greedy and corrupt individuals do when exposed to the reality of the situation?

They cover it up, they hide it, they avoid the subject.  The mass rapes in Cologne, Rotherham, Melmo, all covered up,  The rape of little girls and boys in Austrian  and German swimming pools.  All covered up.  Worse still, they continue to give money and riches to those who have not earned it, from the people who have.  Their own people, the ones they are paid to represent. 

There is money for black children, Muslim children, Asian children, in fact any children except white children, or European children. 

All empires come to an end, and the US and European empires are no exception.  Such is the nature of empires.

The liberal experiment in South America is ending in blood and starvation.  Africa is falling into warfare and starvation.  The Middle East is a mess.  Only the east still maintains some semblance of order.

When the USA falls, when the EU falls, remember, it was not because of the people.  It was because the political elite forgot that they were placed there to represent the people, and not themselves or their corporate backers.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Post Election Blues

The Post Election Blues

Once upon a time I believed in Britain, before I became wise and old and just a little bit cynical.  I notice things, and then have to comment on them.  Other people notice them too, but just put their head down and move on.

Many people expected things to change straight away, not understanding that these things take time.  Cam the Moron and his millionaire chums have no intention of leaving the EU.  The vote was as much of a surprise to them as it was the rest of us.  Despite the BBC and the media, despite the dirty tricks and the smears.  The people voted to get their country back.

What then should have happened once the vote was counted was that Article 50 should have been actioned. Cam the Moron of course reneged on this promise, and hid.

The media and the political elite have stalled the process, and now seek to place their people in positions to scupper the deal.  They have no intention of allowing us an exit.  The corporations and the banks will not allow them to do it.  All the media started today by smearing Andrea Leadsom on comments she made three years ago.  They then promoted their candidate, which is of course the chosen candidate of the bankers and the corporations, our hapless Home Secretary Theresa May.

This is a woman who has done more to harm Britain than most other people.  She has stood and done nothing as Muslim rape gangs have raped thousands of white girls, migrants have swamped our cities, out truckers and tourists have been attacked in Calais, and our borders have been made as non existent as our Police.

On the Labour side I tend to agree that Corbyn is right to remain in his position, because despite the media campaign against him, he was voted in by the members, not the MP's. 

It is of course clear that the Labour Party abandoned the white working class a long time ago.  One can assume that there is more money to be made by backing the Jewish and Muslim lobbies which for some time have been battling for control of the party.

These are the Labour MP's battling for power.

Jeremy Corbyn (G) (M)
Tom Watson (G)
Lisa Nandy (M)
Dan Jarvis (R)
Hilary Benn (R)
David Miliband (G)
John McDonnell (M)
Angela Eagle (G) (H)
Chukka Umunna (J) (M)

Here are the Tory MP's trying to get the top job

David Cameron (G) (J)

Theresa May (R)
Andrea Leadsom (L)
Michael Gove (G)
Stephen Crabb (G)
Liam Fox (G) (I)

I will put a G for greed next to the MP's which were caught in the expenses scandal.

You can see the full list here

I will put a J next to those who belong to the Jewish lobby.

I will put an M next to those who belong to the Muslim lobby.

Oh and I almost forgot those who belong to the Gay lobby (H)

The plot thickens

R is remain and L is leave